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What is The Virginia Juvenile Law Handbook for School Administrators?

The Virginia Juvenile Law Handbook for School Administrators informs and assists school decision-makers and other school personnel in fostering a safe and secure educational environment. The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services’ Center for School and Campus Safety (VCSCS) and the Office of the Attorney General collaborated to produce this Handbook.

The online format below features links to the Code of Virginia and to key related publications and resources. Throughout this document, the resource icon below will alert you to helpful resources on the web.

Reportable Offense

When is it appropriate to use the Juvenile Law Handbook?

The Handbook can be used before incidents as a source of planning and prevention, during incidents as a resource, or after an incident to organize capacities and define appropriate responses. Please note, the Handbook does not represent legal advice -- rather this is a source of information and collection of resources for decision-makers.

How should the Handbook be used?

The Handbook is organized into a series of topics and, within those topics, subdivided into questions that address the most pressing issues around the topic. Additionally, the Handbook provides agency, legal, and other links to supplementary information.

What are offenses?

“Offense” is a term used by the Virginia Department of Education to document violations of the Discipline, Crime, and Violence (DCV) student conduct policies. Some of these offenses are also violations of Virginia criminal code and thus crimes. These violations must be immediately reported to law enforcement. It is important to accurately report crimes to law enforcement and offenses to the Department of Education for several reasons. Resource allocation is often driven by data-based decision making. If a region is experiencing an emerging problem (e.g., increased drugs in schools), decision-makers need accurate information in order to assemble and implement the appropriate response.

In the Offenses section, look for these two icons:

Reportable Offense Offenses that are required to be reported to law enforcement. See a complete list of Reportable Offenses.

Reportable Offense Offenses are based on the Virginia Department of Education’s Discipline, Crime, and Violence (DCV) codes and definitions. See a complete listing of DCV Definitions. To find out more about DCV codes, visit the School Safety section on the VDOE website.

The Online Virginia Juvenile Law Handbook

Juvenile Law Handbook for Administrators goes online

For many years the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services has printed the Juvenile Law Handbook for School Administrators. We are pleased to incorporate the material into the Virginia Rules website, allowing administrators to access the latest updated information in an online, searchable format.

Juvenile Law Handbook for Administrators, PDF print version, July 2017

VDOE Discipline, Crime and Violence Definitions

The Virginia Department of Education updates DCV Definitions annually.

For more information on reporting, visit VDOE's School Safety section.

Code of Virginia

The Virginia General Assembly has posted the entire Code of Virginia online for web searching. You can perform a search by using key word(s), phrases or section numbers. You can also use the Table of Contents to view all Titles, Chapters, and Sections.

To explore the searchable Code of Virginia, go to the Virginia General Assembly Legislative Information System (LIS).