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General Statement

This statement explains the Internet Privacy Policy applicable to the Office of the Attorney General’s Virginia Rules website (web pages at address beginning with ""). Our website may contain links to other agencies or entities, whose privacy practices we do not control.

The Office of the Attorney General is committed to protecting the privacy of our website visitors. We do not collect any personal information unless you provide it to us voluntarily when conducting an online activity on the Virginia Rules website. We do collect non-personal information from each visitor to the Virginia Rules website to allow us to manage the website better.

Personal Information

When you choose to create a Virginia Rules account and provide personal information to us to conduct this on-line transaction, we use your information only for the purpose of conducting the specific on-line activities that you requested. We also contact you via email occasionally at the email address you provided upon registering, per our on-site notification. We may share your contact information with our Virginia Rules partner agency, the Department of Criminal Justice Services to coordinate Virginia Rule activities and training.

We do not give, share, sell or transfer any personal information to any other third parties unless required to do so by law. If you do not want any personal information collected, please do not submit it to us; however, without this information we will be unable to process your on-line activity.

Non-Personal Information

We collect non-personal information from every visitor to the Virginia Rules website. We log hits to our website by IP number and use that data to better understand how people use our site. We use Google Analytics to do this review of website use.

Use of Cookies

When you choose to enter into an online activity, we use cookies to save the information that you input while progressing through the transaction. A cookie is a very small amount of data that is sent from our server to your computer's hard drive. If your browser is not configured to "accept" cookies, you will still be able to access the information on our web site, but you may not be able to perform online transactions.


Under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, any records in our possession in certain circumstances may be subject to being inspected by or disclosed to members of the public for any purpose they may desire. Such records include, but are not limited to, any written or e-mail correspondence you send to this office and any automatically collected information before it is deleted. You have a right to make a request to inspect any non-deleted information by contacting the Director of Virginia Rules, Office of the Attorney General, 900 E. Main Street, Richmond, VA 23219. You may be charged for the staff time and other actual cost incurred in accessing, duplicating, supplying or searching for any records you want to inspect.


This Internet Privacy Policy Statement is a description of our current practices and shall not be construed as a contractual undertaking. The Office of the Attorney General reserves the right to amend its Internet Privacy Policy and this Statement at any time without notice. The privacy and public records obligations of the Office of the Attorney General are governed solely by applicable Virginia statutes, including, but not limited to, the Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act, the Virginia Freedom Of Information Act, and any applicable U.S. federal laws.

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