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It's a challenging time to be a teen -- and to be a teen's parent. This site is here to help by offering clear and accurate information on teens' responsibilities and rights under Virginia's law.


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Here is where you come to read what instructors are teaching and teens are learning. You can even view statistical reports of behavioral and criminal problems, broken down by school. But best of all, you can encourage positive character-building across the Commonwealth, simply by your interest in Virginia Rules.

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Keeping kids out of gangs

Has your child been approached by a gang member? Is there gang activity in your neighborhood? Read the section on gangs to find out what's legal and illegal, and how your child can avoid gangs.

Safeguarding prescription drugs

Are you keeping your prescription drugs secure? Prescription drug abuse by children is on the rise -- one in four teens has used a prescription drug that was not prescribed to them. Read Virginia Rules' Prescription Drug unit and watch this short video to learn how to prevent it from happening in your home.

For more information, email For free resources on how to help end prescription drug abuse, visit:

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