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Here you'll find the latest version of the comprehensive Virginia Juvenile Law Handbook, as well as other resources of interest.


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Finding up-to-date juvenile law information: Virginia's school administrators are responsible for the safety and welfare of the Commonwealth's students as well as for their education. But guidelines, legislation, and the issues themselves change so frequently that it can be difficult to find the latest and most useful information. That's where the handbook comes in. The Virginia Juvenile Law Handbook for School Administrators is offered by the Department of Criminal Justice Services. Questions about the handbook should be directed to Donna Michaelis at

Bookmark this page for access to the latest version of the Virginia Juvenile Law Handook and other information of interest to school administrators. We invite you to check back for updates as we add content and resources to this section.

Juvenile Law Handbook

Administrator News and Events

VDOE Superintendent's Memo on Virginia Rules

On Feb 4, 2011, Virginia Rules was the subject of Patricia Wright's Superintendent's Memo. The memo mentioned the site as a resource for law-related information for Virginia middle- and high-schoolers, and touted the new Virginia Juvenile Law Handbook for School Administrators. Read the memo here.

Gang Prevention in your Community

As school administrators, you understand how important it is to keep our students away from gangs and gang activity. The Office of the Attorney General has produced an anti-gang video especially for kids. After careful collaboration with law enforcement, school educators and psychologists, The Big Lie: Unmasking the Truth Behind Gangs was produced to expose the dark reality of gangs preying upon our children through lies and manipulation.

The video is a frank and unscripted documentary and presents an extraordinary opportunity for pre- and early teens to learn about the false promises gang members make to lure them into their ranks. The video features gang members, law enforcement, and children who speak directly to the audience about gang recruiting methods, specific ways kids can avoid joining a gang, and most importantly, lifestyle choices to help them stay away from gangs.

Educating our youth about the ugly truth behind gangs and ways to stay away from gang life, gives them the tools necessary to make positive choices. The The Big Lie can be used in conjunction with the Virginia Rules Gangs curriculum as an effective tool to reduce gang involvement and violence among middle and high school kids. The video was produced with a grant from Safe and Drug Free Schools.

To request gang awareness training in your area, contact Shannon Freeman at 804-692-0484 or Submit The Big Lie Video request form (PDF) to request the video to show to your students.

For more information on the Gang Prevention Program Resources, visit the OAG website.

Best Practices

Virginia's educational leaders are resourceful and diligent in finding ways to keep their schools safe, and to instill a sense of civic duty in their students. If you or a colleague have a Virginia Rules success story or have developed a unique or compelling program, let us know. We'll feature your stories here as space allows.

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