The Virginia Rules program is designed to meet the real needs of instructors, parents, and students.

We invite your comments and critiques as we work to make this an accessible, flexible, and accountable program.

"The Virginia Rules program dovetails nicely into the curriculum and provides a valuable Virginia focus which helps students make a personal connection to Virginia law. The program also assists parents, by providing clear and accurate information in a student focused venue.

"The layout and presentation of the Virginia Rules program is easy to use for both parents and students. The ability to instantly search a topic or find resources to talk with teens about is as easy as launching a web browser. The website is age appropriate and provides the most up to date information regarding Virginia law."

Chad A. Maclin, Coordinator, Trade & Industrial Education, Fairfax County Public Schools

"I've been using your [driving rules] page for some research and it has been truly helpful. I teach mainly teen drivers and those who will ultimately be in the automotive technology field and your site is a great reference!"

Virginia driving teacher

“Our goal is not only to provide a great resource for teen and family law-related education, but also to help change targeted behavioral problems and criminal activity. By tracking statistics on such issues, in addition to actual program use by students, schools, and school districts, we will be able to generate data which will aid in evaluating the results of the program on an ongoing basis and positively impacting schools and communities.”

Bill Kincaid, Virginia Rules Program

“I am very excited about this new program -- as well as the new name!”

Deputy Carol R. Burgess, Stafford County Sheriff's Office, SRO -- Brooke Point High School

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