All DCV Offense Codes

All DCV Offense Codes are listed here in alphabetical order. Click on each link to see the definition.

AL1 — Alcohol

AR1 — Arson

A1T — Attendance

C1M — Electronic Devices

BB1 — Bomb Threat - Threat of destruction or harm

BR1 — Breaking and Entering/Burglary

W9P — Possible Weapons - fireworks, firecrackers

WP5 — Weapon - knife

WP4 — Weapon - expels a projectile

W8P — Possible Weapons - Razor Blades, Box Cutters

WP1 — Weapon - firearm, handgun/pistol

WP2 — Weapon - firearm, shotgun/rifle

W3P — Weapon-Look-alike

BU1 — Bullying

T2C — Causing/Attempting Damage to Computer Hardware, Software or Files

C2M — Electronic Devices - Cellular Telephones

D5C — Classroom or campus disruption

D2C — Defiance (refuses requests)

D1C — Disrespect (Walking away, talking back, etc.)

D3C — Disruptive Demonstrations

C3M — Electronic Devices (radios, tape players etc.)

EX1 — Extortion

FA2 — Fighting-No or Minor Injury

G1B — Gambling

GA1 — Gang Activity

H1Z — Hazing

S1V — Other Violations - Inappropriate Personal Property

RT1 — Inciting to Riot

KI1 — Kidnapping

BA5 — Student-Assault/Battery Malicious Wounding without a weapon

D8C — Minor Insubordination

F1T — Fighting-Altercation/Confrontation

S2V — Other Violations - Misrepresentations

HR1 — Non-Sexual Harassment

WP8 — Weapon - Other Firearms

D15 — Possession of Inhalants

S3V — Violations - Code of Conduct

D16 — Use of Inhalants

W1P — Weapon-Possession of Ammunition

WP6 — Possession of Explosive Device

W2P — Weapon-Chemical Substance

D4C — Possession of Obscene/Disruptive Literature/Illustrations

WP9 — Weapon - other

WP0 — Pneumatic Weapon

WT1 — Weapon-Possession of a taser gun

WS1 — Weapon-Possession of stun gun

DR2 — Look-Alikes Use or Possession

DR1 — Possession/Use Schedule I/ II Drugs

RO1 — Robbery

DR4 — Schedule I & II Marijuana and Steroid Sale/Distribution

DR5 — Other Drug Use, Possession, Sale/Distribution, Paraphernalia

SX0 — Sexual Harassment

SX7 — Sexual Offense - Without Force

BA1 — Staff-Assault With a Weapon

BA2 — Staff-Assault Without a Weapon

SX5 — Sexual Offense - Attempted Forcible against Staff

SX3 — Sexual Offense - Forcible against Staff

HO1 — Staff-Homicide with a Firearm

HO3 — Staff-Homicide with a Weapon

SX1 — Sexual Offense - Offensive Touching Against Staff

TI1 — Threat/Intimidation Against Staff

ST1 — Stalking

SX8 — Sexual Offense - Aggravated Sexual Battery

BA3 — Student-Assault With a Weapon

BA4 — Student-Assault Without a Weapon

SX6 — Sexual Offense - Attempted Forcible against Student

SX4 — Sexual Offense - Forcible against Student

HO2 — Student-Homicide with a Firearm

HO4 — Student-Homicide with a Weapon

SX2 — Sexual Offense - Offensive Touching Against Student

TI2 — Threat/Intimidation Against Student

TH2 — Theft - motor vehicle

TH1 — Theft - no force

DR3 — Prescription Drugs Possession or Theft

TB1 — Tobacco Use, Possession, Sale, Distribution

T4B — Tobacco Paraphernalia

TR1 — Trespassing

T1C — Technology-Use Violations

WP7 — Use of Bomb or Explosive Device

D6C — Using Obscene/Inappropriate Language/Gestures

VA1 — Vandalism

T3C — Technology Use - Violations of Acceptable Usage Policy

T4C — Technology Use - Violations of Internet Policy

BU2 — Cyberbullying

TB2 — Electronic Cigarette

BA6 — Assault/Battery without bodily injury

BA6 — Assault/Battery without bodily injury

Additional guidance on reporting offenses to law enforcement is contained in Virginia Board of Education Student Conduct Policy Guidelines (PDF).

Juvenile Law Handbook for Administrators goes online

For many years the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services has printed the Juvenile Law Handbook for School Administrators. We are pleased to incorporate the material into the Virginia Rules website, allowing administrators to access the latest updated information in an online, searchable format.

Juvenile Law Handbook for Administrators, PDF print version, July 2017

VDOE Discipline, Crime and Violence Definitions

The Virginia Department of Education updates DCV Definitions annually.

For more information on reporting, visit VDOE's School Safety section.

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